An unforgettable experience at the 3* Hotel Heitzmann

Carnival in Mittersill is a time full of joy, color and exuberant celebrations that captivate locals and guests alike. At the heart of this lively tradition is the 3* Hotel Heitzmann, which serves as the perfect starting point for you to experience the colorful hustle and bustle up close.

Tradition meets the living present

Carnival, the time before Lent, is particularly charming in Mittersill. The city is transformed into a lively stage for masks, music and dancing, and the Hotel Heitzmann, located in the middle of the action, offers you the ideal accommodation to immerse yourself in the festivities.

Celebrate carnival with us

The 3* Hotel Heitzmann invites you to become part of the local carnival culture. With its warm hospitality and cozy atmosphere, it is the perfect place to relax after the festivities. We make sure that you feel at home while you enjoy the carnival season in Mittersill.

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Carnival events in February 2024

Children’s carnival & masked ball in Stuhlfelden – February 03, 2024
Start the carnival with a day full of fun for the whole family in Stuhlfelden.

Hollersbach carnival parade – February 10, 2024
The Hollersbach carnival parade is a highlight of the season and attracts visitors from all over the region.

Children’s carnival at Gasthof Haidbach – February 13, 2024
The children’s carnival at Gasthof Haidbach promises a day full of laughter, dancing and unforgettable moments.

Carnival digging – February 13, 2024
The Faschingseingraben is a unique tradition that marks the end of the carnival season. An experience that shows how deeply rooted the carnival tradition is in the local culture.

The 3* Hotel Heitzmann and Mittersill welcome you to become part of our lively carnival tradition. Book your stay with us and experience a carnival time that you won’t forget. Whether you want to take part in the local events or simply enjoy the exuberant atmosphere, the Hotel Heitzmann is your home away from home during this festive season.